Upholding the Value of Your Investment

Cienda Partners was founded by five individuals who combined their resources and relationships to generate proprietary opportunities and build a diversified portfolio of assets and investments. This gathering of families uses its deep relationships to target investments in the real estate, natural resources, technology, retail and entertainment sectors. Generally, Cienda Partners takes an active role in its investments in concert with strategic partners. Recognizing the advantage of being a contrarian in the current investment market, Cienda Partners is focusing on proprietary opportunities that may not appeal to traditional investment strategies and those more complicated opportunities that require more effort to execute.

While the fund does not have absolute size or hold period criteria for its investments, it recognizes the need to make investments of $3 million or more to justify the effort of exploring and managing these entrepreneurial investments. By leveraging long-standing relationships and sharing our opportunities with other like-minded investors, Cienda Partners has developed an attractive stable of co-investors and strategic partners. Cienda acquired the developer’s remaining inventory of assets at Las Campanas, including finished homesites, unfinished homesites and golf memberships.

Limited Incentives now offered on Homesites

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Indulge your love for all things equine at the Equestrian Center.

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Relax. The laidback elegance of The Club at Las Campanas makes it easy.

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